M3 Version 3 is here!

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Advanced Edge Teach

  • Fine tune adjustment of candidate edge collection via the new Advanced Edge Teach dialog.
  • Detection of low contrast, narrow, and difficult to image edges is improved with edge graph control of contrast, material direction, and edge width.
  • New teach capability can be used with any of the existing powerful M3 VED probes

Direct data transfer to Excel

  • Export measurement data directly to new or existing Excel spreadsheets.
  • Export M3 specific report formats or populate existing quality reports using custom export options.

User defined report templates

  • Customize and save multiple report template styles for use in various part programs.
  • Report templates can now be created and assigned to meet the formatting requirements of specific part inspection routines.

Feature Statistics

  • Added new “Stat” type feature construction for quick analysis of statistical results inside a part program.
  • Report the Min, Max, Range, Average, Standard Deviation, or Six Sigma result for a given population of feature measurements.
  • Support for program playback of the “Stat” feature to enhance GR&R analysis and demonstration.

Formula results via new Calc Feature

  • Added new “Calc” feature type to support formula based calculations inside the M3 software.
  • Generate custom formula calculations utilizing measurement result data and standard mathematical operators and trig functions.
  • Perform simple and complex measurement calculations directly in the M3 software.

Stitching and Pallet Programs

  • Applications with pallet based fixturing requirements can now make use of stitched images.
  • Part position and orientation can be quickly identified by using pattern recognition within the super-image source of the pallet program.
  • Greater inspection throughput can be realized by overall reductions in pallet loading times and improved playback reliability.

Enhanced data cloud display

  • Data clouds from measured features can now be displayed directly on the feature graphic in the main part view.
  • Data cloud inspection tools such as point display scaling, and “best/worst” point finder tool can help quickly assess VED measurement results.
  • Enhance feature printouts and reports with new graphical detail.

Polar Mode support for step and repeat

  • Feature step and repeat functionality has been enhanced to support polar coordinate based positions and offsets..
  • Simplify creation of part programs containing large quantities of polar coordinate features.

Enhanced DXF overlay control

  • DXF manipulation now supports simultaneous translation and rotation of the video overlay using either a mouse or touch screen controls.
  • Interact with digital comparator overlay files in a manner more closely resembling the physical manipulation of mylar sheets in a traditional optical comparator application.
  • Quickly position the origin point for  rotation using the new right mouse button/scroll wheel combination.

Feature Finder

  • Quickly measure groups of features of the same or varying type using the new Multi-Feature Finder tool.
  • Identify and measure features along a continuous edge contour with a single click on an edge or marquee drag a region of interest where “enclosed” features can also be identified
    and measured.
  • The feature filter can be used to quickly specify which feature types should be measured, and which should be ignored.