M3 Digital Comparator/DXF

Encoded and “Fixed” Stage support

The new M3 FOV software option pack is available for both encoded (moveable) and fixed stage systems. All of the new features and functions included with the FOV software option are available regardless of system type.

Import DXF files for image overlay

The new DXF file import system allows for the display of DXF files, as an overlay on the live video image. Translate, rotate, and change the color of your DXF import for fit against the live video image.

Export features to DXF

Features measured, constructed, or created within the M3 software can be exported to the industry standard DXF file format for use with other software tools.

Pattern teach and recognition

Teach specific image patterns for automatic detection in program playback. Increase the robustness and efficiency of program playback through the “soft- fixture” part positioning system using the pattern detection mechanism.

Creating feature-based video overlays

Use the existing feature creation mechanism to create on-screen video chart tools for quick feature comparison.

Supported Overlay Types:
  • Circle
  • Angle
  • Rectangle
  • Line
  • Slot

Custom DXF Crosshair

Design your own DXF-based crosshair graphic for use in the M3 software. Use the custom crosshair to measure features by translating or rotating the on- screen crosshair. A color toggle button is available to quickly change the crosshair color
to accommodate for various image and lighting conditions.

Machine Integration

Ask your MetLogix representative about a wide variety of encoder interface technologies, camera types, and light control hardware supported in the M3 system.

Support for all current industry standard software methodologies for Stage and Camera calibration

Robust and reliable machine/camera calibration can be achieved using popular machine and video correction methods. Linear Error Correction(LEC), Segmented Linear Correction(SLEC), Non-Linear Error Correction(NLEC), Orthogonality, Pixel Size, Camera
Skew, Parcentricity, and Field of View).

Industry leading Operating System platform

The Windows® 7/8 operating system represents the current enterprise solution for computer software operating systems. You gain the performance and reliability of a globally recognized software solution as part of you measuring machine package.
The largest compatibility platform for printers and data management software makes data handling tasks simple and flexible.