New Release

The all new M2 Version 2 software is here!

-Introducing the all new and more powerful M2 V2 software!

  • Support for Complete Part View Markup and Annotation

> Gain access to instant feature markup tools using the part view markup menu. Add customized feature data to your part view, including measurement results and tolerance information.

  • Runs Database with Statistics

> Track and analyze measurement run results for your part programs. View past measurement results quickly and easily using the tabbed runs database program results view.

  • Flexible Report Template Editor

> Customize and save multiple report template styles for use in various part programs.

  • Enhanced User Message Steps

> Operator entered data can now be stored in a variable, and reported throughout the system user interface, and measurement reports.

  • Powerful Formula Evaluation and Calculations

> Perform simple and complex measurement calculations directly in the M2 software.


Click here to view the M2 Version 2 Datasheet and to learn more about this exciting software update!

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