A rugged touch screen digital readout supporting simple and complex gauging applications.

Product Features

  • What is the Gx200?

    The Gx200 is an advanced digital readout system for performing single or multi-point gauge measurements at very high levels of precision and accuracy.

  • Gauge Results at your Fingertips

    The Gx200 utilizes formulas to define and display dimensions based on channel inputs. Formulas can be as simple as a single channel reading, or complex with the use of powerful logic statements, mathematical calculations, and other dynamic functionality.

  • Graphical Data Views

    Multiple View Types provide flexibility in how gauging results can be viewed and reported. A clear indication of tolerance status (pass/fail) is always visible. Display dimensions either individually, or up to 7 simultaneously. In DRO view, you can display the dimensions with horizontal bar, vertical bar, or dial gauges.

  • Part Records Database

    A Part Records Database collects and displays individual gauge results in a tabular sheet view, providing a quick way to view past results across multiple gauge dimensions.

  • Graph and Statistics Views

    A graph-based data view allows you to review measurement results over time, including upper and lower tolerance limits. A Statistics View displays the calculated Min, Max, Range, Average, Standard Deviation, and 6σ values of the gauge data sets.

  • Flexible Formula Entry

    Multiple data entry mechanisms allow Parts to be set up quickly and easily, regardless of their complexity.

    Formula Builder/Keyboard Entry/External Programming
    Use Channel Inputs, Math Operators and Conditional Logic functions directly from the internal graphical editor for building formulas. Use a USB or Bluetooth keyboard to type formulas directly into the dimension setup screen. Create part scripts and formulas in the external editor of your choosing and upload them to your Gx Part.

  • Probe Input Options

    Analog and TTL Length Gauges and Air to Electronic Converters convey precise measurement data to the readout. Additional input types will continue to be added to the lineup of supported probes.

  • Connectivity

    Multiple options are available for probe and data communication to and from the Gx200 readout.

    • USB
    • General Purpose Input Output (GPIO – Up to 24V logic level)
    • RS-232
    • Footswitch input
    • Wi-Fi data exchange via the GxLink Application
  • Measurement Data Handling

    Multiple records management options create a flexible environment for gauging workflows.

    • Export records data to USB storage drives
    • Send Record Data via RS-232
    • Print Record Data to Wi-Fi enabled printers
    • Transmit Records Data wirelessly to the GxLink companion app

Gauging Examples

Height Gauge

Pin Diameter Gauge

Dynamic Runout Gauge

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