Image archiving, markup, and basic dimensioning software for use with a wide range of camera based inspection systems.


Add the reliability of Video Edge Detection based measurement to the flexibility and ease of use of the D1 software, with an upgrade to D2.

Product Features


  • Access easy to use markup and annotation tools for image markup. Call attention to defects, specific features, or other areas of interest in your image, enhancing the sharing of information for your inspection tasks.

  • Perform simple on screen measurements of lines, points, circles, distances and angles using the video crosshair tool. Translate or rotate the crosshair, and control crosshair color, to enable simple point collection on your geometry.

  • Construction of distances and angles is simple using the available part view. Blend the image between camera frame and part view to see inspection results and inspection piece in one simultaneous view.

  • Save images directly to a variety of popular image formats(png, jpeg, bmp) or attach them to an email for quick delivery of collected images.

  • Compatible with Windows 10 or 11, and with nearly any DirectShow© compliant camera device. 


  • Improve measurement reliability and repeatability with the addition of Video Edge Detection in D2. Perform quick and accurate measurements with the Active Crosshair VED probe.

Common Machine Types

Field of View and Fixed Stage Icon

Field of View and Fixed Stage

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Measuring Microscope

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