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A simple and reliable readout solution for encoder based measuring systems.

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Product Features

  • A familiar, and easy to use DRO.

    Combining a familiar user experience with current touchscreen conventions, the Mx100 readout can quickly be integrated into your process while being accessible to a wide range of users.

  • Zero and Preset

    Display Absolute and Incremental encoder positions from up to 3 connected encoders. Simple zero and preset functions provide quick assessment of relative encoder displacement.

  • RS232 Support

    Send positional readings out of the on-board RS232 port to popular data collection programs.

  • Robust and shop hardened digital readout

    A sealed rubber keypad and durable powder coated enclosure provide lasting performance and trouble free operation in a variety of shop and laboratory conditions.

Common Machine Types

Measuring Microscope Icon

Measuring Microscope

Optical Comparator Icon

Optical Comparator

Mx100 Specifications

Display: 7″ Color 1024 X 600 LCD, with an LED backlit capacitive touch screen.

Power: Power supply(included): 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.8A. Power Input to Mx200: 12V.

DRO Dimensions: 286mm wide x 51mm deep x 162 mm high

DRO Baseplate Dimensions: 120mm wide x 125mm deep x 9.5mm high

Table comparing products M100 and M200

Mounting Options:

OEM mount: Two Riser Blocks providing up to 4 distinct viewing angles, using (2) M6 threaded holes, spaced 38mm.

RAM ball mount: One Riser Block with 1.5” RAM Ball.

Base plate: Base Plate with two Riser Blocks providing up to 4 distinct viewing angles from the base.

Agency Approvals: CE

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