New Release

M3 Version 4 has arrived!

The new M3 Version 4 is now available! Read below about the powerful new functionality that has been added to the M3 Measuring Software.

-64 Bit Support

The M3 v4.00.00 marks the move from a 32bit application to a 64bit application

  • Access to additional available PC system memory(RAM).
  • Faster management of large part programs.
  • Support for larger stitched images.
  • Faster processing of large DXF files.
  • Current with the file systems of modern PC and Windows applications.

-Save/Load Reference Frame Files

  • Save reference frames to, and load references frames from, an external file.
  • Utilize ref frame files to support the use of part fixtures across multiple programs and multiple machines.
  • Ref frame files update both coordinate system and registration information in the software.

-Expanded 3D Feature Support

  • Distances constructed between 3D features will now default to 3D type. Distances between 2D/Projected features can be changed to a 3D distance type.
  • 3D distances can be Perpendicular Center to Center, or Nearest Surface.
  • 3D line information can now be generated via the new “Axis” feature type.
  • The new “Axis” feature will contain Phi, XY/YZ/ZX coefficients for its 3D position and orientation.

-Enhanced Program Recording Mode

  • Author part programs explicitly using the new Advanced Record Mode button.
  • Feature measurement steps, will be displayed in the program list as they are recorded, including goto moves, light control steps, message steps, etc..
  • Full access to program editing functions while recording part programs.

-Probe and Goto Path Editing

  • New goto and probe path view in the M3 partview.
  • Edit touch probe points and goto positions using the new editing dialog.
  • Use single step mode to move through complex part programs one step at a time.

-Near/Far VED Probe

  • A new Near/Far video probe can be added to the V4 probe menu.
  • The “buffer style” probe creates a rectangular region where the nearest and furthest point within the region can be probed.
  • Using the “skew lock” mode for the probe allows for locking the probes scan orientation to the current part alignment.

-Color/Contrast Image Process Controls

  • Two new image processing functions have been added to the V4.
  • A color filter allows for the separation of equally bright, but different color regions of a part.
  • A contrast/binarize filter has been added to allow for the increase or decrease of contrast in an image.
  • Images under IP control will be converted to greyscale.

-Profile Fit from Alternate Point Sources

Three new profile enhancements have been introduced in V4.

  • 1) Probed features in the M3 can now be used as point sources for a profile fit.
  • 2) Previously fit profiles can now be “combined/refit” into a new single profile fit result.
  • 3) Profile fitting is now supported in optical comparator systems.


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