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New functionality with M3 Version 2!

-Support for touch probes and 3D feature geometries

The M3V2 expands support for multi-sensor video measuring systems equipped with touch probe modules. Expanded 3D feature geometries are supported through touch probe and video measurement of feature in the Xy, Yz, and Zx planes. Measure planes, cones, cylinders, and spheres in 3D part space, and view results in the new M3 3D part view.

-Run Database for part programs

Track and analyze measurement run result for your M3 part programs. View past measurement results quickly and easily using the new tabbed program results view. Add quick statistical feedback, including min, max, range, average, and 6sigma, to your data for more detailed analysis of result trends and measurement repeatability.

-Expanded template customization

The existing M3 report template types can now be directly edited within the software. Data columns can now be added, removed, resized, and repositioned within any given template default. Change the appearance of your custom template by adding and removing horizontal and vertical divider lines, and change the height and width of report columns and rows.

-New Auto Play function for Field of View systems

The new program Auto Run function plays part programs quickly and with minimal operator intervention. Simply place one or more of a given part on the stage and the system will identify, execute, and report measurement results based on the detected part program.

-Expand your View with Image Stiching

SuperImage is a new feature that enables the collection and assembly of individual camera frames for increased imaging capability on manual and CNC systems.Preset more than one stage location to the new quick stitch buttons to create soft fixture image locations. The SuperImage function may also be used within any part program to create an expanded view of any portion of the part, improving playback of features with high positional variability, part to part.

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